Our commitment

As a communications company we promote flexible working by enabling employees to work from home or in a more convenient location. We utilise web, audio and video conferencing to enable our geographically dispersed teams to collaborate, which has proven to not only reduce carbon emissions and congestion problems but enable our employees to work more productively.


We recycle waste in our offices and ensure that we use paper and other resources responsibly to reduce emissions. We dispose of old equipment in line with current legislation and we also invest in our support staff and equipment, which enables us to deal with 90% of all support calls from our offices.

Giving back

Whilst we’re doing everything we can, we make sure any resources we use such as electricity, energy and fuel, are offset every year to remain carbon neutral. For example in 2014 Opus Telecoms offset 123 tCO2e by planting 123 trees in the Great Rift Valley, Kenya and continually support verified carbon reduction projects around the world helping to combat climate change.

The future

We remain committed to reducing our environmental impact and to meeting expectations of sustainability and we have achieved the ISO 14001 Environmental Management accreditation. This international standard helps us further reduce our environmental impact, helps us grow as a business and respond effectively to changing expectations and regulations.