Virtualised PBX

Every company has a unique set of requirements for their communication systems. Opus provides customers the choice to pick the deployment model that best suits their needs, offering the ultimate flexibility of “mix-and-match” implementation options across a distributed architectural platform.

Customers can choose to implement an on premises phone system, a hosted service or a combination of the two with a virtualised or VMware based solution.

For organisations already employing a VMware infrastructure the ability to virtualise their phone system offers benefits, such as server consolidation, increased security, operational flexibility and higher applications availability during planned and unplanned downtime in order to achieve cost savings and business continuity objectives.

VMware Ready

As a Mitel partner we offer a Mitel VMware ready communication solution that offers all of the benefits of an on-premises PBX, together with the flexibility, scalability and business continuity of our hosted services, with the additional benefits of maximising the investment of an existing server infrastructure.

Find out more about or Mitel virtualised PBX solutions.

vMCD Mitel Virtualised PBX

Features and benefits

  • Allows a single number to be presented for the entire company, despite its being geographically distributed.
  • A company could even choose to have no premises, with workers connected from home using their domestic telephones but receiving the same features as any PBX user.
  • Allows access to the phone system functionality over a choice of devices including , POT (plain old telephone), desk phone, mobile phone or PC/tablet.
  • One extension can ring in multiple locations (either concurrently or sequentially).
  • Allows scalability so that a larger system is not needed if new employees are hired, so that resources are not wasted if the number of employees is reduced.
  • Eliminates the need for companies to manage or pay for on-site hardware maintenance.
  • Supports integration with custom call plans that allow inter-company calls, even from private premises, to be dialed at a cheaper rate or toll free.
  • It facilitated integrated billing and accounting, where calls made on a private line but on the company’s behalf are billed centrally to the company.

How we can help

The experienced team at Opus can talk you through the pro’s and con’s of adopting a virtualised PBX an explain what the options are. We will take time to understand your business needs today, together with your plans for the future and recommend a communications solution which can meet both situations.

We have extensive knowledge and experience within the engineering and project management teams of working with internal and third party IT providers to deliver an integrated and resilient virtualised PBX for your business.

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